There is a specialised service for babies and children that most parents do not know, and the reason why you are here is that you also are not familiar with paediatric podiatry. It refers to a highly specialised service that typically involves the monitoring and treatment of issues related to foot and leg development. The basis of control and treatment is a set of traditional childhood complaints that includes club and flat feet problems, growing pains, Sever’s disease, difficulty in walking that consists of in-toeing and out-toeing, plantar warts, and ingrown nails.

A paediatric podiatrist Adelaide is an expert in assessing, advising, and treatment of typical childhood gait, leg, and foot problems. Unlike other medical procedures, sessions in paediatric podiatry focus on keeping the atmosphere child-friendly. Therefore, the child feels comfortable all throughout, with no signs or reason for the young one to fear or doubt. Furthermore, the paediatric podiatrist ensures that all the available treatment plants are child specific. In fact, most of them include the use of exercises as a form of gaming activity that children love.

Majority of paediatric podiatry clinics in Australia offer online childminding for free, not to mention the family and child-friendly facilities, including but not limited to change tables and kids rooms.

Now you probably are wondering if your child benefits from visiting a paediatric podiatrist Adelaide. Well, here are the signs that you must schedule an appointment sooner than later.

1 – Your child does not seem to like or completely avoids physical activities that involve walking or running.

It is normal for young kids to avoid physical activity, especially in their growth gap years. However, if you notice that your little one entirely avoids normal activities like running and walking, it is the right time to visit a podiatrist and see if there is something wrong.

2 – Your child regularly complains about foot discomfort or pain.

There are several possible causes of foot pain and discomfort; the most common are wearing improper shoes, flat feet, and podiatry-related problems. Regardless of the reason, as soon as your child complains of pain and discomfort in the toes, ankles, and feet, it is more than sufficient reason to schedule an appointment with the paediatric podiatrist.

3 – Your child always complains about having tired or sore legs.

Finally, if your child always complains about leg discomfort as well as the feeling of fatigue, it can be a case of foot misalignment, gait issues, or other podiatry issues. If he or she suffers from multiple sprains or suddenly develops shin splints, you certainly need to visit a paediatric podiatrist right away.

Before you set an appointment, be sure that you talk to your child about the importance of going to the podiatrist. Let them understand why it is necessary and assure them that everything will be fine.